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Somebody figured out the dentist visit today is just an exploratory so I don't have to medicate! *happy dance*

In other news, it's COLD out there! I'm almost afraid to leave the house! We ran out of hot water while I was mid-shower this morning so I'm already all chilled. This is not happy. Okay, with the no antibiotics thing, it's just a little happy, but still.

Last night began the Festival o' Mark. He did the birthday thing with Dad and Ila. I got there late because of rehearsal, but Dad, Ila and one of his sisters waited for me, which was nice. His brother came upstairs when we got home and gave Mark some WHAM as well as 2 nice bottles of whiskey. It's going to be hard to outdo those. It was nice just hanging out with Jay, we hardly ever do it. He even brought his dog upstairs. She's afraid of hardwood floors but after we got her settled on the doormat she warmed up enough to walk around the couch a few times to say hello.

Guess it's time to go bundle now. Blegh
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