Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


I thought LonelyDumptruck was going for walkies with Rodney when he got off work tonight. Rabbit Hole was showing at the theatrepub but it started about half an hour before LonelyDumptruck gets off work, so I figured tonight was the night to take my happy ass to a movie.

I found out LonelyDumptruck went home sick around 2, but not until I got home from the movie and picking up some quickie dinner. Oops.

Rabbit Hole is based on a play that is on my short list of Things I Want to Direct. There were about as many people there as you would expect at an Oscar nominated weepy. I loved it. When the playwright does the adaptation, it usually turns out well. He did a great job opening it up, That is so often where stage-to-screen adaptations fall down.The 80's were a particularly dark time, someday I have to write up my rant of what dismal piles of lukewarm shit opening up made of some brilliant plays.

Rabbit Hole really did it right. The new settings and situations added to the story and the additional characters actually helped to build some of the themes of the story. A+ all around.
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