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Whinge Day

For some reason Live Journal is giving me connection errors when I try to access my friends' pages. Hopefully it will iron out, I miss you guys already!

It's Tuesday, which means it's time to whinge about my PT again. Actually, this week was not bad, it was a lot of talk and not much work. I've lost my wall push-up privileges after last week's flare up and have to do them as part of my "all fours" exercises instead. Basically, the rib is *very* unstable so as much as I can do on hands and knees is best, The doctor loves the little mantras I come up with - during strike it was "I can lift anything I want as long as my elbows don't go any farther out than my boobs do". Last night I was "helping" the fairies find weird, skittering movements and I was trying to encourage someone to see if they could squat down and then put their leg over their shoulder (from the side, kind of like stepping over yourself.) I looked up to see the fascinated, perplexed stares of the director and actor and just went "Okay. If it's something that no one else can do, it's probably not good for me to do it either." I think my doctor wants me to put that one on a sampler and live by it every day.

In other news, ATY now has an Executive Director. One of his main goals is getting me to stop with the 12 hour days. I'm rather in favor of that myself. It's going to open up all sorts of possibilities, like doing errands before going to the dentist tomorrow or getting to buy Mark's birthday presents. Mark has me just stumped for what to get him for some reason. He's really not hard to shop for, but I am just having a serious mental block . I know he wants to upgrade his computer, but since I have no idea what to get for that, it would mean just handing him a big greasy wad of cash. Not a bad option but not perfect. I think I finally decided on getting him a nice bottle of whiskey. He's been playing his brother's copy of Halo 2 but there is a problem with the disc and it won't load past a certain mission so I'll probably get him his own shiny clean version of that.

I still can't believe I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. And I *really* can't belive I agreed to the pre-medication thing. It's just a big pet peeve of mine. See, I have a heart condition. No big deal, one of the valves doesn't fit right so it lets blood backwash. It's a very common problem, especially with women, (and for some reason has a high correlation with loose connective tissue, but that is another post) and there is a very, very slight chance that bacteria and other crap from dental cleanings will travel in the blood to the heart, get trapped there because the backwash doesn't clear out all the blood, cause a sudden, major infection and kill me. Very, very slight . Kind of a one-in-a-million thing, like userinfokahteeyah
's cancer. Dentists tend to panic about it and make everyone with a heart murmur pre-medicate with a massive dose of antibiotics. The cardiologist I saw yonks ago said my murmur was so slight, I didn't have to do it, but I neglected to get that in writing.

Because I am a dumbass.

I have a major problem with the idea of unnecessary antibiotics, especially with all the resistant bugs in the world. I don't want to add to the problem. That's one of the reasons I don't visit the dentist as much as I should. Mark knows about the whole thing, but the other night he said something wonderful. He was telling a co-worker about the whole thing, the filling, the antibiotics and she told him about a friend of hers who had a similar heart condition. He had a stroke while still in the chair. I tried to reassure Mark that this is really is something that only happens to one person out of thousands and thousands, it's really nothing to worry about and all he said was "Yeah, but I don't want you to be that person." I'm picking up the antibiotics in the morning.

That's about the news here. I've been looking for plays to suggest for coming seasons. I finally found an absolutely perfect adaption of "The Velveteen Rabbit" and I'm hip-deep in a stage version of "A Christmas Story." I'm sure we'd never be able to afford the rights on it, but it would be so much fun!
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