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Or - What Happens When Ghost_Light Gets Control of the Remote

I've been plodding my way through season 1 of The X-Files. I don't know what put the bug up my ass to see them again, but I've been watching an episode every week or so, usually while folding laundry. Some are still pretty good and some...well, some are to be endured knowing the series does get better.

Last week I was listening to Podcastle (brief digression, if you like or want to here short story podcasts, I cannot recommend the "Pod" family of podcasts highly enough. Podcastle does fantasy stories, Escape Pod sci-fi and, my favorite, Pseudopod is for horror stories.)

Anyway, the host was talking about The X-Files and how his favorite episodes, like mine, were the funny-scary ones. Last night I watched an episode from season 1 as usual, and it wasn't bad - it was the one where Scully's father dies - but it made me want to see one of the greats, an all good-parts episode.

Lonelydumptruck walked in just as I got the cockroaches episode queued up, so we watched that and then Jose Chung's From Outer Space while we made and ate dinner

X-Files itch good and scratched for the night I switched over to cable and my new favorite show, Face Off. If you are not watching this show....dude! It is a Project Runway/ Top Chef style show with makeup designers. Seriously cool stuff.

Speaking of cool and Top Chef, there was an ad for a food/cooking show starring Marcell last night. Way to go Sy-Fy! Look at you trying not to suck!

Keeping the theme going, after Face Off came Top Chef. After the last 2 contestants I hate were kicked off a couple episodes back, it's getting hard to watch the Judges Table. I like and root for pretty much everyone now.

I guess this entry also counts as a Ghost_Light Recommends, since I haven't done one of those in forever. Should I start doing a recommendation every week?

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