Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Probably the saddest house managing shift; a memorial for a friend's daughter. I worked with her on IATSE calls and I've been in shows with her dad. She loved Coke the way I love Diet Coke, so I was in charge of making a display of cans for people to drink after the memorial. There is a wake in the bar across the street where all the techies drink after this.

I'm not sure what the night holds after that. One of my favorite bands is playing a rare gig tonight, but it is at a bar I have been boycotting so I'm not sure if we will go.

I'm babysitting classes at Ye Olde Youth Theatre and catching up on office work tomorrow morning, then Dawn and I are going shopping for an outfit for her to wear to the next Brr-lesque show.

How is that for a brain-dump of a post?
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