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Last night we went to a play reading, then Lonelydumptruck went to meet Dawn for drinks and I was going to go take care of Lori-O's cats.

I realised as I left the theatre, that I didn't have Lori-O's house key. So across town I go to get the key from Lonelydumptruck's desk. I can't find the ring with the key, but I do find a key stamped "Lori" and I set out to Lori's side of town with confidence.

I pulled into the driveway, turned off my iPod and luckily, glanced out the passenger side window.

There is a huge moose standing in the yard. HUGE moose. And he is looking right at George. The he starts walking toward George with this expression of "Okay, small, curved. I could take that....or do it..."

And he keeps walking towards George, trying to decide. Then, suddenly "Oh look, tree!" and the moose veered off to eat one of Lori-O's Apple trees.

Now, one of the bad things about my living in Alaska is that, as a rule, I am not afraid of moose. I feel like I can read them pretty well, so when this big ass moose stops looking at George like the Deliverance theme is playing in his head and starts on some tree-y goodness, I figure it is safe to make a move.
I open the door, no reaction. Close the door, set the alarm, moose is still focused on getting his head through the moose-proofing at the best angle, so I head for the front door with key in hand.

Then he starts to walk again. And I do not have the right house key - I can't get in.

The moose pays me no mind, but walks straight towards where George is parked. Now I have no way into the house, a moose on the move somewhere between me and my car and I can't tell where because of the garage blocking the view of the driveway. I can hear he is still walking, so I go down the steps to peek.

The moose has moved to the next yard but he really is big enough he could have made George his bitch if he wanted.

George and I didn't wait to see if he changed his mind and cane back.

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