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The Return of Peter's

There was a little sushi place in town, Peter's Sushi, that started in a strip mall behind a very popular pizza place. And the sushi was GOOD! This was the first place to do things like fried spicy tuna and sauces and we loved it. The whole town loved it. They opened a great big second restaurant...which burned to the ground a couple summers ago.

The originial placed closed and was replaced by another good sushi place. Not as good, but similar dishes done well. Dish sushi, which does all fusion rolls so everything has spicy tuna, or mangoes, or sauce on it, opened up. It is also really, really good but not quite Peter's.

Last month a banner went up in a strip mall right down the block from our house - Peter's Sushi coming soon! I almost drove George off the road the first time I saw it. I pass the mall almost every day and I check to see if the banner is still up. It finally went down last week and was replaced with a cheery little "open" sign.

I took LonelyDumptruck to dinner there last night, we were both very excited, and it was just....meh. Disappointing in a way that we haven't really experienced in Anchorage before. Ever.

The place looks great, but now has two big screen TVs showing sports, one at each end of the dining room, and they were playing mellow jazz. Looking over the sushi menu, I honestly forgot that we hadn't gone to Dish. They even had a section called "Small Dishes" exactly like Dish's menu. They did add a dinner menu of entries. Most Japanese, but also pad thai and seared ahi...kind of like everywhere else. I did find a new roll - Kiss of Fire - tempura tuna in a roll and I ordered the seared ahi dinner. LonelyDumptruck got chicken teriyaki and we decided to share a dozen oysters.

The waitress brought us the wrong beers right off the bat. Then she happily set down a plate of 8 oysters and announced "Dozen oysters!" Luckily it was on the bill as a plate of 8, because I was starting to feel bad about complaining already. My ahi was overdone and the sauces were brought out when she had something else to deliver to the table. LonelyDumptruck described his dinner as "grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce over it." He did bring it home for lunch, though. The sushi roll? Well, the tuna was just an over-cooked lump of tuna wrapped in rice and nori. I'd kind of guessed it would be spicy with a name like Kiss of Fire.

We may go again this summer if they are still open, but it just seems like Peter's has missed it's own boat. They were doing new and great things before the fire, things a lot of other places picked up and now do better, and they haven't found something else yet.
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