Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Crazy Sunday

We got up to go to breakfast at Harley's but they were still closed for the holiday weekend so Rodney, LonelyDumptruck and I adjourned to Kriner's Diner. They'd both eaten there before and had raved about it. Jdawgspi and the Boy Who Kisses Her joined us after a little while.

Rodney is moving into Jdawgspi's old, tiny apartment/house this month, so LonelyDumptruck went to help him Tetris his bed and couch into the place while I went to set up for and babysit auditions at the youth theatre. It was absolutely nuts! We got 53 people (including userinfoGeolinguist)! 53!!!

We were supposed to get together with Frank and Kamala to see True Grit when I was done, but they were feeling under the weather so it ended up being Rodney, LonelyDumptruck and I going in search of food before the movie. I think we tried 5 or 6 places but everything was either packed or closed. We finally settled on a little Mexican restaurant near the old apartment we shared with LadyMcClellan. The food was amazing, but we had to ask to sit in the resturant side instead of the bar because Rodney didn't want to listen to sports on the TVs and the girl kept trying to tell us it was full, then took us to a table in its own little section.

Halfway through the meal Rodney realized we should ask Stephanie to come to the movie with us, so we went across town to get her and still made it in time to see all the previews. I really liked True Grit. If I have seen the original, it was so long ago I have no memory of it. I do remember my parents telling me about John Wayne's Oscar speech though.
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