Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Survive a New Year!

Good times. my friends.

I went in to Mr. and Mrs. Real Estate's office yesterday to get them some contact information and numbers they needed. They are still in California for another week or so. Then I headed over to the youth theatre while Dawn and LonelyDumptruck hung out. I joined them as soon as I could for beer and It's a Trap! and general low-key hanging out.

About 5 or 6 Dawn headed out and we realized we could, theoretically, have hours before going to a party. So we made dinner and hot tubbed, then went downstairs to play with Gus and talk to Jay for a little while before walking over to the party at Jdawgspi and the Boy Who Kisses Her's house.

Anchorage legalized fireworks between 6pm and 1am, so there were displays going off everywhere. We could see them from 3 different places just from our couch. The whole neighborhood smelled like gunpowder and happiness while we walked to the party. Frank and the Boy Who Kisses Jdawgspi had, of couse, laid in a huge supply, so we all tromped out into the snow to set them off just before midnight. Thank Zod it warmed up even if it was so warm everything was thawing during the day yesterday and everything was ice last night. We pretended the other displays in the neighborhood were competing with ours and were generally noisy and slightly insane until we ran out of fireworks - at about 12:16. So many of our friends were there it just might be the best New Year's party ever.

Today we did practially nothing. LonelyDumptruck and I slept in, then finished the first season of Pushing Daisies and drank champagne and then went back to bed. I spent some quality time with my Sims and he is off to help Rodney move in a little bit.

Tomorrow will be a lot less laid back, so I am enjoying this while I can.
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