Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thanksgiving Memories

This is one of my favorites.

Set the way back machine for college and the time when a man nicknamed Doc was head of the theatre department.

Our school always had classes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Freshman who had already made travel plans were generally off the hook when it came to missing that day, but upperclassmen were greeted with a 'well, you shoulda fucking known better' attitude.

One fine November, Doc's class decided they should all just leave on Tuesday to travel home. Screw class on Wednesday. What was he going to do, take away their birthdays?

Wednesday's class came and Harris, the man who took over as head of the department when Doc retired, knew all the upperclassmen of the theatre department had scattered to the winds. As he was walking past Doc's classroom, he heard Doc's voice. Harris poked his head in and there was Doc, drawing diagrams, pointing out features, apparently oblivious to the fact he was the only soul in the room.

"Uh, Doc, what are you doing?" Harris asked.

"Go away! I'm giving a lecture!"

So Harris went back to his office, wondering if he should call the nice young men in the white coats for Doc before or after the holiday. Luckily he waited until after.

Monday afternoon Doc's students walked into class, all smug as cats with cream on their whiskers. And Doc gave them a pop quiz on the material covered in Wednesday's class.

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