Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


1)Find a hat since mine disappeared in B&N

2)Find MNSD script

3) Get to work

4) Make list of donations

5) Update/correct contact list and print it out

6) Find binders for Scripts - well, the ones done earlier, 2 more to do now

7) Meeting with L&D

8) NEA Meeting

9) Clean for rehearsal

10) call Insurance about proof of cleaning

10a) take and email pics to insurance by tomorrow

11) Change therapy appt. but the Dr. goes out of town tomorrow, so more cancelled than changed.....

12) Call MC - where is my stuff? - left message 1 and 2

13)email Y - where is MC's stuff?

14) Call H about AYLI - left message

15) Email Y and R about splitting SM duties on AYLI

16) Call The Director - live music found?  no

16a) find sound board op.

17) Make Contract for MSND - Director needs to check

18) Feed fish

19) Watch more Dead Like mE

20) Write this post

Forgotten but accomplished

21) Print Schedule for MSND Tour

22) Call actors about rehearsal NOT being cancelled

23) Call BB about rescheduling meeting

24) Call JV about Quickbooks

So, all in all not bad for pre-rehearsal.  And I even got to eat at Royal Fork

Tags: stage managing, theatre

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