Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Living in Minutia

I don't know why, perhaps because I was up until 2am watching Dead Like Me and now I am just awed by my daily to-do list, I have the urge to inflict it on you:

The 8am Update
(Items in no particular order)
1)Find a hat since mine disappeared in B&N
2)Find MNSD script
3) Get to work
4) Make list of donations
5) Update/correct contact list and print it out
6) Find binders for Scripts
7) Meeting with L&D
8) NEA Meeting
9) Clean for rehearsal
10) call Insurance about proof of cleaning
11) Change therapy appt.
12) Call MC - where is my stuff?
13)email Y - where is MC's stuff?
14) Call H about AYLI
15) Email Y and R about splitting SM duties on AYLI
16) Call The Director - live music found?
17) Make Contract for MSND
18) Feed fish
19) Watch more Dead Like mE
20) Write this post

Let's see how I do....
Tags: movies, stage managing, theatre

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