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When The Universe Speaks

I saw my OT for the first time in a while
(I've been doing very well lately, but that is another post.) She confided in me that the universe has been speaking to her for a few weeks.

And it has been talking about Flashdance.

It started when the CD fell off the shelf at the library. Then she saw The Full Monty, where they watch a bit of the movie. She found the soundtrack in the dollar rack at Title Wave and on and on.

One afternoon she was at the hospital and about to ask a large African-American nurse if she could see a particular patient when she heard the title track being played on the radio.

My OT stopped dead, gaping at the coincidence. The nurse folded her arms and asked if my OT planned to ask her something or if they were going to stand there. So my OT poured out the whole story.

"Um-hm," proclaimed the nurse. "God is talking to you honey."

"..." replied my OT.

"Because I don't know what the helll else could be going on," the nurse continued. "The Good Lord is telling you to get a chair and a bucket of water."

When I told LonelyDumptruck about this his only comment was "That makes the Good Lord sound something like a perv."

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