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Damn, just what I didn't want for Christmas..

I'm having another of my decision-making disorders. Luckily, it's one I've dealt with before, just now it comes with an added twist.

Every time I hang out with Collin on a show, he puts a bug in my ear about going back to school and getting my Masters in Stage Management. He tells me all about the program at his Alma Mater, Louisiana Tech, how the professor there was Cameron MacIntosh's SM so she worked on Les Mis and Phantom, he tells me about doing shows and he hints (okay, tells me) that no matter how much I work here, if I leave, my "impressive resume" won't be because no one has heard of our theatres but with a degree....

Every time I start weighing the pros and cons of continuing to work or heading back to school. I usually decide to stay put, at least for a while more.

At the post-strike drink-up we were on the topic again, this time strongly enough to talk about what is stopping people at the table from getting degrees. I mention that money is a big factor for me. Rebecca, the wench, leans across the table with an incredulous looks "userinfoghost_light", she says, "you don't PAY to get a Masters in Stage Management, they pay you! They pay your tuition, they pay you for each show you work on (and it's about as much as you make here) AND you get insurance."

Damn Santa, I didn't order a decision this Christmas.

In other news this week, I worked the load-in for The Graduate. It was fun but kind of a cluster fuck. Someone explained that it was a particular kind of union call where the number of people was specified by the International union, not people who knew the venue or company, so there were way too many people there and a lot of standing around but the crew was fun.

I joked later that if I wanted to get into a Broadway tour the old-fashioned way, this was my chance. 2 of the crew heads were very interested in me. Tom and I went to lunch with them and a couple hours later one I shall call...Bill...came up to me and was teasing that I "had them fooled." I kept asking wtf, he said he might answer if I was good, but it had to do with someone on his crew asking Tom something.

At this point I'm guessing they either figured out I'm married or that Tom is gay, but Bill remained tight-lipped.

When I saw Tom at our show 2 days later, he took one look at me and burst out laughing. Finally HE spills. Not "someone on the crew" but Bill AND the other crew head (who shall be called Mark) cornered Tom to ask him "what team" I play for. Tom, being Tom, said "I don't know. You're going to have to ask her husband that."

At the load-out, Bill came over a few times to check on our show and he was flirting pretty hard. I needed the break, so I was teasing him right back until Tom walked up behind me and trumpeted "Hey Bill! You figure out what team she plays for yet?!" Bill blinked; "You told her?" and I never saw Bill again.
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