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I found this quote on a link and now I feel all warm and fuzzy...

The Ghostlight
Technical Theatre News
Because your work
should not be considered a waste of Ink.

On Tuesday we had a special performance for one of our major underwriters. The house was not what it should have been, but it did mark a special occasion...

One of our young actors finally came out of his shell on stage.

I don't know what caused it; perhaps it was his mother not being backstage. Perhaps it was the spirit of the holiday. Perhaps his inner ham grew three sizes that day, but whatever it was, our boy brought it in a big bad way.

He played drunk (quite well), he dug into one of his favorite lines as he never had before ("When we asked if it was an AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass YOU should have said YES!") and he DANCED. He danced wearing Scrooge's coat. He danced holding Scrooge's coat. He danced while all my boys on headset sang "I'm too sexy for this stage."

It was a thing of beauty. But, sadly, I did have to give him 2 notes after the show:

1) Ass should never contain more than 15 a's (I didn't mention the fact his actual line is "When we asked if it was a bear...")

2)....2 I preceded by telling I story I heard from a favorite guru in theatre, one that involved a young man who may or may not have been the teller but for the sake of the lesson we shall simply call 'the young man'. The young man had a very nice part in a play. He had a very nice scene with a very nice monologue that he was to give while and older actor mimed writing a letter. Now, the poor young man simply could not hold his own against the older actor - no matter what he did he was continually upstaged by the older man sucking on the quill or shooting his cuffs or doing other writing related business. Finally he spoke to the director and the older actor was moved upstage. "Finally," thought the young man, "Finally I have my chance to do really well and be noticed!" That fateful night, the young man came off stage in tears and when asked what had happened he managed to sob out "He...he drank the ink!!"

2)I just put my hands on his cheeks and told my young friend that while I loved the energy and the fun he brought and I didn't want that to change, "you drank the ink, dude."
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