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The physical update

I saw the physical therapist this morning and I'll be seeing her every Monday morning for a while. Her diagnosis is that the scoliosis is mild, people live pain-free with a lot worse. Yes, swimming will be good for me and will help the spine but not the main problem. What is the main problem? Bonus points for userinfoscooterpbakes
for being the closest to the real diagnosis without going over. The problem is that I can link my arms behind my waist and then raise them over my head (still linked) until I can touch the floor. Yes, being severely double jointed has finally caught up with me. Also, apparently lifting bulky items with the arms completely extended is always a problem for women, but it is now my Achilles Heel and I'm not allowed to do it anymore. My therapy will center on "stability and strength, not flexibility" especially since this is a doctor who got me on the table, began manipulating my arms to check my extention and blurted out "Holy cow I've got Gumby here!!" Yoga will be permitted as long as I pursue it with a brain in my head and don't stay at the very edge of my flexible range for long periods of time. She only gave me 2 exercises to start with and I'm only supposed to do those at 5 reps once a day. We'll work up from there once we see how my back and rib like it. So far the rib is not liking it and I haven't done more than practice at the office at 9:30 this morning.

On a lighter note, I've been working on Christmas cards most of the night and that feels great. Anyone who still wants a card, please fill out my poll. There are still some cards I need an excuse to buy, though I have not found the perfect cards yet. I was thoroughly spoiled by last year's selections.

Oh, and userinfoscooterpbakes
, userinfokahteeyah, Mark asked me why you always bring chocolate to parties and leave it at our house. I let slip that you are hoping to poison him to make me your love slave. Sorry about that.
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