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A surprisingly good one for how busy it was.

Nancy from the PAC recommended me for a stage managing gig. I thought it was something for the PAC, but it turned out to be the huge, gala Mayor's Charity Auction at the Sheraton. I was there for almost 12 hours between setup and the end, but it was a blast and they loved me. One of the committee members insisted I be served dinner too, so instead of getting the volunteer sandwiches or having to wait until it was over to snack on something, I got a nice big plate of steak and lobster just like all the big wigs. When I got there, the guy in charge of the event on the Sheraton offered me a room for the same price the committee chairs were paying. After I finished setting up the run through and we talked through our game plan for the night, he offered to comp me. I took him up on that.

Not much else to report aside from rehearsals and ATY business right now. I found a bunch of uncashed checks from this summer so I'm going to see if I can get some deposit slips and a PO box key to call my very own. I figure it will go a long way towards my actually being in charge of the office
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