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Sorry I haven't been posting that much. I have so much to do with ATY, directing Just So Stories, the new job and life I am paralyzed into inactivity. My Bejewled Blitz scores reflect this. Seriously.

Monday userinfoGeolinguist and I made our annual pilgramage to the State Fair. In direct contrast with last year's festival of meh, this year was actually memorable.

Practically first thing we ran into Vicki and Linda. Somehow they are always. there the same day as we are and we usually run into them in the same pathway.

As we parted ways with Vicki and Linda to find some food an African bird escaped from the show in the outdoor ring and for a moment is looked like it was going to land on userinfoGeolinguist's head. I have mentioned this many times before, but userinfoGeolinguist is a duck-whisperer. He knows how to make ducks happy. This crane must have been part duck, because it followed us down the path for a couple minutes before it's handler caught its eye and got it back in the ring. userinfoGeolinguist also got the eye from a couple guys, but the crane was more interesting.

We visited the real ducks and bunnies in the 4-H exhibit and saw this year's winning vegetable - a pumpkin. We had the official State Fair beer, which was very yummy, but they were setting up an electric banjo on stage so we had to make a rapid escape.

Food-wise we kind of bombed. We got the fresh potato chips with garlic and cheese, which were delicious as always, but we made the mistake of sharing a chicken pasty after that. It was groooooooooss!!! There cannot be enough o's in the word gross to fully describe the magnitude of yuck they managed to wrap in a pastry. The meat was completely grey, as were the vegetables (and I am being charitable there, I could only identify one piece of produce in it) it tasted like the whole thing had been boiled and the hot sauce was actually cocktail sauce. It was so bad that as soon as we sat down the woman at the next table would not shut up about how hers had been so bad she'd just thrown it away.

I got a new hairwrap, which I love. I think it might be my prettiest yet. There will be pictures after I get my hair done again.

Tuesday, I started working at the new gig. I like it but I am so overwhelmed! I also had a great OT session where she suggested I might be ready to drop back to once every two weeks. I've been feeling really good since I got home (knock wood!) so I am going to try it after next week's appointment.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful, I think, and I had my first rehearsal for my show on Thursday. I still need a good Just So Stories icon. I love my cast! This show is kind of strange because it is written for 8 actors but the playwright says you can cast up to 21 as long as everyone gets at least one major role in one of the stories and have fun rewriting the rest of the play. I cast 12.

Last night I met Lonelydumptruck, Rodney and Stephanie at Bernie's for dinner and then we went over to Rodney's so he and Lonelydumptruck could write their last bit for the brr-lesque. We ended up watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube.

They had rehearsal for Seafarer today and I putzed around with some ATY work, then we went to Costco to buy a new TV. We're meeting Lori-O tonight but plans beyond that are pretty up in the air.
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