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Sorry for the confusion on my last big post.

I flew home from seeing my folks and Connie on Friday with no issues, other than a big belly full of nachos. Lonelydumptruck met me at the airport and we went to dinner at Taproot. It was way too noisy, be we still had fun.

Yesterday I had auditions for the ATY show I am directing. Well, joint auditions with the other ATY show we that is performing in rep with Just So, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We had 36 kids come to audition yesterday *splat!* 36!! I think that's how many I had for Charlotte's Web total! With the group today, we topped out at 64 actors auditioning. I think we have 30 parts available, and that is if I sneak two more cast members past my costume designer.

After auditions yesterday we went to a soccer gathering at Lori-o's for a few minutes, then to the final night of Brr-lesque Idol. All of the finalists were amazing, but one of us hostesses won. Go Team Hostess. I broke down and bought myself a hair decoration and a new garter, mostly because I could.

After auditions today I high-tailed it to Brr-lesque rehearsal but I ran into Lonelydumptruck and Rodney in the parking lot. When they are dismissed from rehearsal, I usually am too, so I just talked them into taking me to Roadhouse. After that we hung out and watched a crazy Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier movie.

Good weekend.
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