Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Belated Good

I swear I have real content, I've just been unmotivated. Oh, and playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

Monday I had my first production meeting for This Is Where We Came In. I am so excited about this show I could burst. I have Just So Stories this fall, though, and I still haven't found a set designer.

We had a nice, laid back anniversary on Tuesday. I got Lonelydumptruck a Cannondale for his wedding present (he got me Silence of the Lambs on laserdisc.), so I conspired with Lori-O to take it in for a tune up. I had him meet me at Roadhouse since it is right next door to the bike shop. We just had drinks and snacks, then went home to watch

Last night was Date Night with Dawn, the second week in a row we met her at Mooses Tooth after her second job. I do love their beer. I was a bad girl, though. We had pad Thai for lunch and then I got a buffalo chicken salad at Mooses. I ate the leftovers of both for lunch and I am all allergy all the time. Damn Samters.

I have a board meeting tonight and it is finally sunny. I should do something to take advantage of that.

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