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Half 6 Good Things

Half post. I hope.

Good things about 8/13 and 8/14

1. I passed the audio test! There were only 4 of us, an UAA instructor, two ATY teens and myself. One of the boys kind of took a shine to me, I think. We were sitting on a low cart and, when I mentioned I had to stand up because I needed more back support, he made sure I had a chair wherever I went.

2. WNYC's Radio Lab. This weeks episode is about words so, of course, they had to speak to a Shakespeare scholar. That scholar, of course, had to begin rattling off words and phrases coined by Shakespeare. Jad and Robert got more and into it, more and more excited as he rattled off phrases. Then, then the scholar whipped out the big gun: "Do you know what else Shakespeare invented? Knock-knock Who's there!" and the guys exploded in groans like their team just got beat.

3. I survived my shift on Saturday!

4. But I had such a bad day I figured I'd better just buy stockings rather than getting more freaked out and stressed looking for a pair. Once I got to the store, I gave myself permission to shop and I bought a dress that Lonelydumptruck says is the prettiest thing I own.

5. Brr-lesque Idol was amazing! A few girls got up there with full acts, like one of the hostesses and one of the guest belly dancers. I feel disloyal to Team Hostess (because she really did kick ass) but I loved the belly dancer's number. She started out scrubbing the floor and ended up down to French Maid bra and panties dancing to Take This Job and Shove It.

6. Koot's created renamed a drink The Lola Pistola for us and it tastes like Sweet Tarts.

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