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Thursday night we went to dinner at Taproot. I knew I'd be getting a nice little paycheck from my double shift at the Center so I was feeling like a treat.

It was singer/songwriter night, but we told the doorman we had just come to eat and, since it wasn't starting for half-an-hour, he let us in with a promise that we would come back and pay the cover if we had a good time.

They had some amazing beers including a Strawberry Sour from an Alaska brewery. Our waiter kept telling us it was too sour and undrinkable without food so I just got a taster. We both liked it so much we each got a pint. I thought our poor waiter was going to die of shock.

The bands were really good. After a few drinks and a tastey dinner later (a halibut po' boy for LonelyDumptruck and quinoa for me) we determined that we were having too much free fun. When LonelyDumptruck started thumping the table in time with the music, I went back to pay the cover.

Survival of the Dead was the late-night movie at the Beartooth (late-night is 10 here) and, if you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for horror movies. A bunch of teens came in zombie costumes. Their makeup was incredible, except for a very pretty girl who came in a pretty white dress and nothing but a smear of blood that was more 'look a my boobies' than 'I just snacked on someone's intestines.'

I really liked the movie. There were some great throwbacks to his last two movies and the characters were very strong (aside from one reveal that made the entire audience groan). I like how Romero has been able to tell such different stories that all happen to be set in a zombie outbreak and tell them successfully. Or, as LonelyDumptruck put it, "I guess Romero wanted to make a Western."

Friday night my old Boss from ATY and his lady called to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner and drinks. At Taproot. We said "hell yes!" and spent a marvelous evening catching up wither them. It was poetry night at Taproot this time and, while she was very talented, her subject matter was so bleak we had to take off to avoid depression.

We met up with Rodney and Henry at Rodney's place to go to the PoGo Stick Go Go Dancer Company show at Out North. PoGoGoGoCo is a sketch comedy troupe started by Monkey and some of his friends. This was their 4th show but the first I had been too. It was a really tight show. I was very impressed. Next week is their last scheduled show, sadly.

Saturday we got to sleep in some and we watched a good chunk of A Very Long Engagement before getting started on our whirlwind of social engagements. Since we were going all the same places, we decided to team up with Rodney and we took George out for the roadtrip.

Our first stop was out in Eklutna and a wedding reception for crisavec and his new bride. They were set up in style at one of the campsites. They brought out their living room so people could sit comfortably and talk, they built a dance floor and even had a smorgusboard of candy set up.

Sadly it was pissing down rain and we couldn't stay that long anyway. We did get to say goodbye to Adiva_Calandia before she headed back to college, though, and hang out with the likes of MonkofSilence, userinfoSionainn and userinfoPoisonDartFrog.

Our second stop was the Andy-Q at Erin and Andy's new place. It was mostly their families until userinfoPoisonDartFrog, MonkofSilence and Ben turned up. There was some amazing BBQ pork as well as good company. We brought our famous corn salad and hung around outside under the carport and around the fire even though it was still raining.

The last stop of the night was Frank and Kamala's for Frank's 40th birthday party (Frank 4.0). It was pretty mellow with a lot of good friends. There were only two musical acts and we ended up standing outside in the rain talking after they were done.

Today I went over to Mommie and Eddie's to watch Dad, Lori-O, Jay and LonelyDumptruck lay out stones to redesign the flower beds between the stairs and the house. I had to go to work after an hour or so, but LonelyDumptruck reported that it went really well and he was pleased with his work. He brought home chicken and noodles for me too.
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