Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

This Week

We've been having a movie kind of week around the Burner Family Compound.

Monday we had dinner out in the party palace with Dad and Ila and then came upstairs to watch 9. I was surprised by how short it was. It wasn't bad, it was just that they picked a focus and stayed tight to that instead of adding other elements.

Tuesday we were going to have carnitas with the meat Kamala brought to my birthday but we both got home a little late. I finally found the poutine cart downtown, so I picked some up for a surprise. Dad and Ila had already eaten, it was pissing down rain, so we just ate the poutine and went to see The Eclipse at Beartooth. I was really impressed. It was a well-constructed ghost story. They leaned a little heavily on the "SCARE YA!!!" musical sting to make you jump, but the images continued to be frightening even after the cue faded.

Tonight we finally made the carnitas and had dinner with Dad, Ila and Jay. Dad and Ila are big Morgan Freeman fans and they had rented Invictus. We missed that one in theatres so they let us borrow it. Zod, I love South Africa. I really want to go back again.

Tomorrow night I'm hoping to get to Survival of the Dead at Beartooth. You can't go wrong with zombies and beer.
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