Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Belated Weekend Update

4thFest was amazing. I got slightly sunburned sitting out there checking ids and collecting the cover charge but it was completely worth it. I wore the outfit that Cathy requested for her wedding, the corset and leather pants I wore in Afterlife along with my pirate shirt and sexy new pirate hat. I left the fetish heels at home and went with my sandals, though.

lonelydumptruck came for the bands and to sit with me. He helped with the load-in too. We stayed for most of the bands on Saturday, especially because my very favorite defunct band played a special reunion. I loved it. lonelydumptruck noticed the lead singer got the lyrics wrong in one of our favorite songs.

The weather was overcast and kind of cold both days, but it didn't rain beyond a few sprinkles. As Bernie said, we're good with anything but snow right now. We talked out heading out after my shift ended on Sunday but happily we stuck around. The next band up was The Heretic Foundation, playing kind of a political hip-hop magic. All of the sudden, this guy walks into the area in front of the stage wearing a viking helmet with the horns on fire and a whip. He sets the whip on fire from his horns and starts cracking it, sending fireballs across the patio. We knew fire dancers were supposed to be performing, but we had no idea when until that very moment. I'm trying to figure out how to post the video a friend put on FaceBook here.

Monday we went to breakfast at Captain Chuck's with Rodney and Carol. We kept hearing they had great biscuits and gravy. I was the only one who didn't order them but I got a bite and all the stories are true. We did a couple errands and generally de-smeged the house until lonelydumptruck went to rehearsal and I buckled down to get some ATY work done.

Good weekend over all.
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