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...was a trying day at work in The Warehouse of Misfit Toys. Our receptionist has been nigh-on dead for days so I was ma'am the desk. The big perk of that is that I am a LOT busier and I get to pick on the Germ-o-phobe all day long.

The Germ-o-phobe ADORES death metal and has all these strange German sites streaming him music every few days. Yesterday one of his favorite bands released a new album so he had to rush right on out and get it during the work day and then sat blasting it all day long. It felt like someone was trying to force a zoo into my ear and, by and large, I like metal!

lonelydumptruck had a much better day. He had a job interview for a new position in his company in the morning and an offer by afternoon! It's kind of the same job he's had, but with new responsibilities, a new building, new team and a new paycheck.

We went to dinner at Humpy's to celebrate and ran into jdawgspi and The Boy Who Kisses Her. They were also grabbing dinner before going to userinfoGeolinguist's round table at SubZero. It was a great night to have cocktails with friends!
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