Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Rest, Sometime.

I worked the early show at the Center this morning. There is a huge Solstice event going on downtown, so there was a lot of lobby traffic.

lonelydumptruck had callbacks for Seafarer and thought he did well. He didn't read the part he really wants that much, but I guess all the parts are great.

We met up at Penny's to get new pillows. I know, the exciting lives we lead! I got a pain-free neck pillow for $30, and that was half-off. That thing better make Diet Coke for me in the morning too. There was a street vendor selling Pountine which lonelydumptruck has read about but neither of us have tried. Fries, gravy and cheese curds for the win. Really.

We're going to head over to Rodney's in a few, then maybe to userinfoalaskaguy's for their Solstice party and/or to hear Rogues and Wenches with Crooked Toad friends.
Tags: food, ren fair, theatre

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