Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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Good Life

Slept in a bit and then caught up on my internets while lonelydumptruck slept in some more. I finally got my brace in the wash and cleaned up the kitchen. Stephanie is looking for a bike so she set up coming over around noon to look at our extra one. Rodney came over a while before she did - a good thing too since lonelydumptruck left his phone in the car and Stephanie ended up calling him to get ahold of us. We all went out for the test-drive with her and it is a perfect day for such pursuits.

I had everything set up to make shrimp Diane while lonelydumptruck and userinfoscooterpbakes were hiking but the mighty hunters came back with Weebees so I ended up saving it and cooking it as brunch on the patio today to go with the leftover wine and the remains of the trifle lonelydumptruck made for Frank and Kamala's party. Jay came out with hot dogs and chips so it was a nice little meal. lonelydumptruck doesn't have to be at Penland to help load the U-Haul with all the Crooked Toad Tavern set pieces, tents etc. until 4:30 so we're going to go garden shopping. We need more potting soil and new seeds for this year.

I want to get a new blueberry bush or two. Our first one, Muffin, is growing into a mighty hedge of one. Last year's addition, Pancake is small but trying to thrive. Scone died late last Summer and didn't manage to resurrect this Spring so there is space available.

Everyone is meeting at the site at 6:00 for the nightly BBQ and work-call and then we'll rehearse from 8:00 until whenever. Kiss-Me-Katie has tendonitis in the bicep of her right arm. I can finally get my left arm all the way up but it still hurts. We're going to team up for hanging decorations in the Toad since together we make one fully-functioning wench.

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