Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Long Weekends

We met Catherine at the Roadhouse last night. It started clouding over and threatening rain mid-afternoon so we sat inside. The rain never did come, luckily.

Today has been gorgeous. lonelydumptruck and userinfoscooterpbakes hiked Flattop today. Last time the went hiking together they encountered a mama bear and cub, a meeting that lonelydumptruck came home and wrote a play about. I didn't hear any wildlife stories this time, but userinfoscooterpbakes came back with mud all over his ass.

While the guys were being all fit I went grocery shopping and finally to George for a bath. It has been so long I almost had to change his name to Foul Olde Ron.

lonelydumptruck is at Frank and Kamala's anniversary party while I'm working at the Center. A couple of ushers who were here for the show last night have tipped me off that this is the War and Peace of dance recitals.

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