Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I know, I know...

I've been skimping on the updates lately. But the comments and memes make up for it, right?

It's been a hell of a month.

First of all - someone needs to tell userinfokahteeyah
and userinfogeolinguist
to knock off this weird competition thing. First userinfogeolinguist
gets into a car accident and has to get a new door for his poor old car, so userinfokahteeyah
goes and totals her car in an accident. userinfokahteeyah
has surgery and is diagnosed with cancer for a day, userinfogeolinguist
counters by needing 18 stitches and surgery on his finger after a close encounter with a cheese knife. Enough already! We love both of you! (and on a more serious note, please send good thoughts to both of them, they are dear to my heart)

Still waiting to hear about job things, but it seems the end is in sight. Meanwhile I'm working on 2 shows for ATY. I'm supposed to be stage managing the Halloween play rehearsing on the second floor of the warehouse (which Mark may have volunteered to be cast in, keep your fingers crossed) but most nights I'm downstairs being the SM/AD for Inner Circle because the director double booked himself and is needed across town directing Laramie Project (which I was SM-ing and Mark was in, but we both dropped out. I left so I could work on the Halloween show) Both directors are worried, I'm scared because I'm pretty much in charge of both projects and I hope I can juggle everything.

Beyond that, we are still moving. We have most of the small stuff packed up and Saturday should be the huge push to move things like the bed and dressers. We had a garage sale last weekend. Well, last Saturday, we were rained out Sunday. What we didn't sell we donated to the Salvation Army in the dead of night. We still have a few big things like the kitchen table and the brewing fridge, but I am very hopeful that someone will see the ads in the papers or on the akforsale board and make some offers. I really like the new space but it still feels odd. I kind of like the empty spaces being 1/2 moved into each space has given us. When ATY gets a new office, I might consider moving all of my plays there just to free up the wall space.

And though I have said it before, I will say it again because I seem to forget it easily: I love working with kids!

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