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The Day Off!

Well, we survived SantaLand Diaries. It was another case of Anchorage theatre disproving the whole "If you build it they will come" mantra. The crowds were never there, but it was a good time. I ended up forfeitting half my pay, but that's alright too. The last house had an absolute ball, I don't think an audience ever laughed that hard.

The Heiress was extended for 3 days after Christmas. I was so looking forward to only having rehearsal and fund raising for North Star those days, but nobody can say no to Sandy, even me.

and before I get into the Christmas Spirit, a brief whinge......

How do they get actors to be so helpless!?!?! Do they genetically breed them not to be able to find their own asses??!!?? That said, I love the cast of Born Yesterday, I really really do, they are some of the most experienced actors in Anchorage but holy shit! Apparently while I've been away working on SantaLand, leaving my ASM in charge, there has been a whole brewing issue about there not being rehearsal props. Melissa brought a bunch of stuff the first DAY of rehearsal. It is all sitting on a shelf marked "Born Yesterday Props". I show up Saturday morning and there are all these worries about Melissa getting overwhelmed and not coming through and there are things we NEEEEEEEEED! It took me maybe 5 minutes to walk around in the basement and plop down a huge collection of books, newspapers and magazines and then to set out what Melissa had come up with. I'm a hero again, but for Pete's sake, I am the hero of actors who walk on stage and say "I should have a pen now." I just hand them my blocking pencil and move on.

Now that it is Christmas Eve I have the tree up, gifts wrapped and the cards sent. Last night while I was at the show Mark opened all the boxes from Amazon my mom and aunt sent and wrapped them up for me. I'm so excited!! He is just the best! I was sooo hoping he would, but he's been so busy I haven't wanted to hint that much. The only drawback is he now knows what Meri got for him, he just thought it was for me. Randy stopped by the theatre to drop off the DVDs he borrowed last year and give me my present - a Scooter action figure complete with clipboard, megaphone and Chinese take-out! I'm just in heaven. Sandy, Ron and Randy are now utterly convinced I AM Scooter...on the back of the box it lists "Likes: just about everything" and "Hates: just about nothing."

Andrew and Jenny from FairShakes came to see the show last night. I talked to Andrew about auditioning for the dog show. He's one of the people I'd totally work with again as long as he is dating someone. He and Jenny were some of my good friends at old Camp Shakespeare, and he looks a lot happier now that he is done with it.

I think the only things I have to do before Mark gets home are clean up, buy bread and start to decorate the tree. We were going to do the tree last night, but sitting around watching MXC proved to be much more fun. We're going to go over to Dana's and visit our former kids tonight. I miss those grey tabby bastards so much. Dana keeps telling us Nemo has turned into a calm old cat now that Murray has taken over his duties of getting into and being hyper, but I will have to see it to believe it.
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