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FB Fail

lonelydumptruck has been home sick for a couple days. Last night we were so tired we just watched a movie and were going to go straight to bed.

lonelydumptruck, the smart one in our family, went right to bed. I went to check email.

I've been getting a few strange messages from FaceBook, leading me to believe a couple friends have been hacked. In my email box last night was a message from someone reading simply "uh-oh". My poor sleep-deprived brain looked at that and immediately hit the 'I've been HACKED!!!11!!" alarm.

I head right to FaceBook and I'm logged out. That doesn't happen. Oh Noes!! I really have been hacked!!11!!"

I start typing in my password and it won't work!! Teh Horrors!!

I promptly get the code to reset my password and make it something absolutely fucking impossible. It took me three tries to change it because I couldn't even type it in the same way twice.

Then I discover the 'uh-oh' was a reply to someone else's comment. It slowly begins to dawn that I was not hacked, I was just typing my password wrong.

Oh well, figure I, I'll re-check my always-logged in button and just change it back to my easier one tomorrow.

Except I was logged out overnight.

And I can't remember the fucking password.


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May. 6th, 2010 08:45 am (UTC)
Facebook is the devil.
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