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Busy Busy Fun Fun Weekend (So Far)

Friday night we went to see Shakespeare's Will. The house was pretty much sold out, such a difference from being two of sixteen people at Rounding Third the night before. There was a panel discussion about the play and Shakespeare in honor of his birthday after the show but we ducked out to order Chinese and kill some zombies instead. lonelydumptruck downloaded the Crash Course pack but I have yet to survive it. I have high hopes for today.

Yesterday lonelydumptruck went into work earlier to get in some over-time and I did absolutely nothing around the house. Rodney sent him a message that the Star Wars exhibit closes this weekend. I'd written off going figuring it would be a madhouse but we bombed on down to meet Rodney anyway. It wasn't horribly packed and we really had fun. We didn't play with any of the learning stations, those were about 4 deep with real kids, so we looked at all the costumes and props set up and watched most of the informational movies. We even got to do the Millennium Falcon ride by being willing to stand in the back. They could only take 2 standers at a time, so Rodney stayed in line and we dashed over to Bernie's for the co-ed clothing swap Frank and Kamala set up.

Yesterday was so goddamn beautiful, sunny and warm, that the swap itself was mostly a bust (as long as we were there) but we got to hang out with friends and have the new $5 breakfast and $3 mimosas. Everything was so good this is going to become a regular weekend event!

userinfogeolinguist had a turkey that needed to get out of his freezer so we had a crazy little dinner party for that. lonelydumptruck grilled it out on the BBQ while userinfogeolinguist and I worked on what became known as 'Root Veggies Ahoy!' I did my new favorite, roasted yams with garlic and shallots. userinfogeolinguist did a roasted beet dish mixing goldens and the traditional red ones just so the color would be different than the yams. He also had a fussy little wilted brussle sprouts dish that had us peeling the leaves off each little brussel sprout. lonelydumptruck tagged me out after that one so he finished up the bok choy slaw and then baked asparagus with pepper and lemon juice.

We had about 10 people for dinner, 13 with a couple people drifting through before going to the Spenard Social and Jay who just came out to grill steaks. David and Krista brought a pretty little cake from one of the new boutique bakeries in town. It was good, but Krista kept pointing out that she could have made that nice little cake herself. userinfoscooterpbakes brought a wonderful carrots in honey dish. jdawgspi and the boy who kisses her came bearing beer and Rodney brought both beer and a date!

As I mentioned before, the Spenard Social was last night. It's a big concert of all local acts in a little bitty Italian restaurant on the other side of Spenard. We told people they could stop by after the social but we fell asleep. I'm a little afraid to check my phone and see if anyone was texting me to let them in.
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