Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

lonelydumptruck and I taught a brief improv class to some of the kids in the media club at his sister's school yesterday. It's part of a community outreach program where he works. Everyone had a ball! Even his co-worker and the teacher joined in some of the games. Zod, I miss teaching kids!

After work we met one of his other co-workers for drinks at the Roadhouse and then lonelydumptruck went to work on the Toad show with Rodney and I took myself to see Shutter Island at the theatrepub. I really liked it a lot. I watch a lot of horror movies and thrillers, so when we got to the reveal I couldn't help thinking about other, similar movies but it held together well and I really enjoyed it.

There are 2 shows closing this weekend that I want to see but I may have to choose between them and just see one tonight. I just found out Broken Lizard is doing a show on Friday night and I've been kicking myself since October for missing the Seattle show.
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