Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Fun day yesterday.

We took off a little before Dad and Ila went to church and stopped at a winery that specializes in fruit wines (like currants and pears, some with grapes and some not.) One of lonelydumptruck's co-workers was in the OR National Guard and asked him to pick up a bottle while we are here. We were going to make a fast dash to Portland, but Lori-O called and was going to be here a couple hours earlier than she'd planned so we drove around looking for something to do.

We ended up at the Wunderland nickel arcade where we used to wile away many an hour during college. It was mostly ticket-games now but we found an Aliens shooter game and played some Indiana Jones pinball. We picked up Lori-O at the house and went to Thompsons (The McMenamins of our college days) to kill the time until dinner. Almost as soon as our snacks hit the table Dad called to say they were already done and headed to the other McMenamins where we'd agreed to meet for dinner. Oops.

After dinner we just sat around and talked and read. We met a friend from Anchorage for coffee and crepes this morning then came back to finish the salad and get ready for the family BBQ. I'm going to go read about zombies in the sunshine until I either get assigned a dish to help with or people arrive.
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