Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

We Made It!

The flight down was delightfully uneventful. I read an anthology of zombie stories and actually slept a bit. Mom and dad are doing well. Mom took a bad fall last week and just found out that she did not tear her rotator cuff (yay!) but she seriously bruised the bone and they are expecting it will be at least 3 months before she is in good shape (boo!) We stopped to see my aunt for a few and then hit the road.

Traffic wasn't too terribly bad. We came to a dead stop between Centralia and Chehalis after we stopped at the Olympic Club for a pint. It's a McMenamin's pub that used to be a 'gentlemen's spa' back in the day. Last time told my family we stopped, my aunt told us how she got read the riot act for walking on the same side of the street as the club when she was a girl.

Salem is wonderful. We just hung out and watched the Mariners game with dad and Ila last night. Today we went to breakfast at one of lonelydumptruck's favorite places, the Off-Center Cafe and then we stopped at the Saturday Market. I saw (but didn't buy) an awesome sign that said 'She begins every day believing she is normal.'

Dad and Ila are having a family BBQ tomorrow and they asked us to make corn salad. lonelydumptruck is roasting the corn as we speak so I should go help. 'Help' of course means stand around and watch.

Lori-O is in Portland now but she'll be down later tonight and we'll probably head to one of the McMenamin's in town.

I haven't had time to read entries, so tell me something fun you are doing this weekend?
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