Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

And Now....

...a "Lost" re-cap with lonelydumptruck and userinfoGhost_Light.

userinfoGhost_Light: It's a Hurley episode next! I love Hurley.

lonelydumptruck: I just realized something...Hurley is a prophet. That's his job. He gets information and passes it on to the rest of the tribe.

userinfoGhost_Light: He does! And I love how he and Miles are flip-sides of the same coin.

lonelydumptruck: Yeah, because Hurley is usually sweetness and light and Miles -

userinfoGhost_Light: - is a bitter old fuck sometimes.

lonelydumptruck: Well, he does see dead people.
Tags: true stories from the taupe couch
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