Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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Ahh, the end of March and the promise of breakup. There is about a foot of snow left in the middle of the Party Palace and the unmistakable aroma of thawing dog shit wafting through the air. Puddles bigger than George are springing up everywhere and threatening to swallow my poor little bug. There are two lakes in the middle of the street leading up to work.

Last year the one was so large a co-worker saw one of the managers driving the opposite direction so he slowed down and leaned out of his cab a bit. When the manager slowed down and unrolled his window to hear what he was trying to say, the guy gunned it and sent a wave of puddle water through the manger's window. Good times.

I went to the 24-hour post office at the airport to mail some packages. I forgot today is the last day to file for the Dividend so the place was a mob scene.

No word about Lorne but we got tickets to fly down and see him in a couple weeks.
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