Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Recession Tasting

We went to Roadhouse with Mike and Cathy yesterday for their Recession Bourbon and Bacon tasting. They didn't know they needed tickets, so we hung out until the manager came over to let us know 2 seats were still open and we all got to take part. We sat with an older couple who is a regular at these tastings, based on their stories. She had the tasting notes from all the other bourbons they'd tried programed into her iTouch.

The gag to it being a recession tasting was that all the bourbons were lower shelf than their usual samples. All the bottles were poured out of brown paper bags so we could experience them, make notes and try to guess what they were without bias. These were bourbons like Rebel Yell (lighter fluid) to Old Crow (surprisingly good) and all 5 came with bacon appetizers or a desert.

The food was really fun. The chefs ran with the bacon ideas, so we got peppered bacon with a maple dipping sauce, a bacon and tater tot skewer with sour cream, a bacon mozzarella stick (that was the only one I didn't like), one I can't remember at the moment and a date and bacon baklava. I really hope some of them come back for the bacon-of-the-month.

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