Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Weave Wars

So. Saturday Rodney,lonelydumptruck and I had dinner at Humpy's. As we were settling up, our waitress came back to tell us to be sure to exit out the front door and look to the right.

Apparently a brawl between a number of African-American ladies had broken out after the Career Academy Graduation across the street and someone had lost a good amount of her weave.

I thought she said 'weed' at first, which made for an interesting image. We dutifully exit our front and go right. Sure enough, there is a thin braid in a puddle in the street, strands and hunks leading up to a cat-sized wad of hair weave almost in the middle of the sidewalk and trailers leading past Sub Zero.

There was also an African-American lady snapping pictures with her iPhone and chortling about how she was going to win $1000 for the funniest picture award.
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