Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Good Weekend

Friday night I didn't end up having rehearsal, it was just a run of Act 3 to make sure our new Grandpa was up to speed. lonelydumptruck was going to meet with Rodney to do some writing for the Fair and userinfogeolinguist was going to come over to cook a Paula Dean pork chop recipe with me and hang out. userinfogeolinguist ended up having to cancel due to strep throat so it was just lonelydumptruck and I for dinner. The recipe was pretty much crap, but lonelydumptruck did his best to dress it up and we had a great date night chatting and catching up on Caprica.

Saturday he went to work with Rodney again and I had an afternoon rehearsal before the preview. They met me for dinner at Humpy's before the show, which was nice. The show actually went really, really well! We had a huge crowd that laughed at absolutely everything. We needed that to get a sense of timing. One of the actresses came backstage after a scene just glowing and whispered 'I didn't even know those lines were funny!'

userinfogeolinguist came over for brunch today. I introduced him to the Wierd Al channel on Last FM. The funny part is that it came up because we were listening to the Beatles channel and George Harrison's I've Got My Mind Set On You came on. lonelydumptruck mentioned he couldn't help thinking about the parody, so I changed stations. Guess what the first song played was.

The show went very well, so well the SM considered canceling the pick-up rehearsal but Grandpa wants he extra time. Mommie and Eddie came, so did my Dr. Chumley, and they all loved it. lonelydumptruck is rearranging the living room and testing new configurations of the entertainment center. At least until I put on The Shawshank Redemption to test the Netflix picture. Now we're all distracted by that :)

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