Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I Wanna Know

How can a weekend with so many canceled things still be so damn busy?

I worked a Late Nite Catechism matinee, then I was supposed to go shadow stage managing a dance show, but it was decided that I should wait and do the evening show tomorrow instead of tonight or tomorrow's matinee, so I went downtown to meet up with Dave, Krista, userinfogeolinguist and lonelydumptruck at Sub Zero.

userinfogeolinguist got tickets to the symphony from his work and was taking lonelydumptruck as his date since I had to work. The drinks and the conversation were so good they decided to go late, then just miss Act 1, then we just ended up staying until we realized the symphony crowd was arriving. We're going to head over to Frank and Kamala's now.

Tomorrow we have a Toad brunch to begin planning the Fair. I had rehearsal, but they decided to block Act 3, which I am not in, and I don't have to be at the ballet until 4:30 or so now. It will be good to have time to relax.
Tags: acting, ren fair, stage managing
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