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I feel like I've done very little productive this weekend.

I had last night free (my last since we start tech week tomorrow) so I called Lori-O about having a drink after work. She agreed to BearTooth even though it was likely to be crowded. It was so crowded we ended up sitting at the little counter with two seats they put in under the mural for no apparent reason. The fans were turned up too high and Lori-O was wigged at sitting with her back to the entire place, so we drank up quickly and spontaneously decided to go see lonelydumptruck's show. Part of that was also because the director was playing the lead.

It was a much faster paced show than when I saw it opening night. The opening night crowd came to see a comedy and by Zod they were going to get it no matter how many lines they had to laugh over. Last night's audience was much more sedate and really focused on the action of the play. lonelydumptruck was amazing. And that's not just me. The playwright was actually jumping up and down as he described lonelydumptruck's scene in Act 2.

I got my hair re-dyed and cut for the show this afternoon. I told Brian that my idea for my character's hair is treading that fine line between 'freshly fucked hair' and 'someone needs to buy that woman a comb!' I think I'm on the FF side of it, we'll see what other people think.

After that we had a line-through of Afterlife. There was a story-telling class in the theatre and a weaving group in the gallery, so we took our usual basement rehearsal space blissfully unaware of the 4th event going on - a cane dancing class in the gallery right over our heads. The stomping was so hard all the light fixtures were swaying and we actually couldn't hear if we'd gotten to the end of one of the scenes or not. Then one of the actors dead-panned 'I wouldn't have come if I'd known the Anchorage Distraction Festival was today' and we couldn't stop laughing.

I joked that we should move rehearsal to a nice, quiet bar and everyone jumped on the idea. We were running through which bar was actually the closest when someone else suggested that a bar would probably have an NFL game on and that could be as bad as the Distraction Festival so we settled on the family restaurant across the street. Thankfully they had a big banquet room and beer. Win all around.

Cyrano's is showing The Malteese Falcon after the show tonight (since the play is about Dashell Hammet) along with a propaganda short and the cartoon 'Corporal Snafu goes to the Aleutians. I hope there will be enough seats for me to get in after the play. Of course, I have to leave RIGHT NOW if I even have a hope of getting there in time. Later!!
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