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I've been covering the desk full-time since our attendance-optional receptionist left. Office Friend was supposed to be pulled off driving to take the desk, but this seems to be working out better for now. We're hiring, though, so Zod only knows what will happen next.

lonelydumptruck went home sick today. I wanted to join him more than anything in the world, but I'm completely shackled to the desk. Little Boss is out with kidney stones and the accompanying surgeries until at least Friday so they only way I'll get to leave work is if I barf on the Germ-o-Phobe's shoes.

After work I went to the play selection committee for ACT. Only 5 of us made it. Most of the plays on the short list to consider for the next meetings are ones I suggested or spoke out in favor of doing. I feel really good about that.

After the meeting was Afterlife rehearsal. We're finally getting some momentum, which feels really good. Plus I actually *acted* in a couple of the scenes. Who knew?

In back news, the hokey-pokey rib is becoming a fairly good barometer. It's hurt like hell right before the last 3 snowfalls. @whee.
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