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Another long stretch without writing, but not for lack of subject matter.  Some of it is not wanting to face what's up (Being laid off. Again) and some of it is not being able to talk about what is on my mind (Yes, still waiting to hear about The Job. I'm going to be a bother and call on Monday).  Plus Mark has been sick most of the week and I'm rather afraid I'm getting it too, especially with the Overnighters this weekend. Mark is writing tomorrow night.  It will be his first and I can't wait to see what the topics are.  I have a guess- I think one night will be old political slogans or Bush malapropisms - I will have to wait and see like everyone else, though.


In other news, I had my final follow-up with my allergist today!  He doesn't want to see me again for a full year!!!  He is just as amazed and pleased with my progress as I am.  I got another lecture about taking my Singular (and he gave me some hard facts to back up the lecture, not just scare tactic this time, which I really respect.  Apparently it actually helps "recovered" asthmatics who continue to have pulmonary issues - which is now me in a nutshell- because it reduces the instances of fibrosis even more than those who take inhaled steroids alone.).  I also respect him because he fully understands that it is not an issue of not wanting to take it, not one of forgetting, or not liking the side effects, it's just so goddamn liberating to be health and not HAVE to take a pill every day.  I did take it tonight and I will try to take it tomorrow night too.


Must crash now. Felt like someone hit me with a steamroller most of the day.  I don't know if it is being bummed about things, getting sick or the bad air, but I hope it all stops soon.

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