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Yesterday I went to the memorial for a young woman I acted with years and years ago, back when ATY was at UAA. lonelydumptruck reminded me about it on his way out the door for rehearsal. It was one of the hardest memorials I have ever been to, she was just too sweet and too young. I've been thinking about the phrase 'I'm sorry for your loss.' Really, this one is as much yours as mine I didn't know her that well but she was a genuinely good soul.

Frank and Kamala came over for dinner and hot tubing last night. It was great to hang out and just talk with them. We made plans to go see Sherlock Holmes with them today, but they overdid the housework and crashed early. I bunkered and crashed early. Seriously. I did nothing but play Sims 3 all day today. I did find the solution to a save-error which made me restart everything I'd done Friday night. (I think this is 8 restarts, userinfopoisondartfrog, thanks for asking.)lonelydumptruck had rehearsal and then went to Costco. He came back with a new printer and scanner. I love my brave retail warrior.

He's in playing Borderlands with Sandy and userinfoscooterpbakes. I finally pried my ass off Sims and am rewarding the little bit of work I did on my lines with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I always forget how fucking strange Mercerism is.

I should spend more time with my lines tonight since I have to be off-book by Tuesday's rehearsal. Yikes!
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