Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Weekend Plans

Big Boss gave us two tickets to a benefit jazz concert tonight. As he keeps saying, he spent waaaay too much money on them. They are 4th row in the Atwood and there is a private reception afterward. I have to run to the store on the way home from work and then find something okay to wear.

Tomorrow I work 9 to 1, then there is a going-away party for Rob at Bernie's until 8 or so.

Sunday we'll have Brr-lesque rehearsal for Santa Cracker (it had to be renamed, but that's what we came up with the first meeting and I like it better) but I don't know exactly when.

Plus lonelydumptruck's dad is in town for the baby's 3rd birthday and I need to organize time to meet with the rest of the Burners about Thanksgiving plans.
Tags: brr-lesque
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