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One Brr-lesque show down! I had a blast, but it was my best and worst show at the same time. The Dirty Little Comics are doing a 3-part skit instead of 3 one-shots - The Dirty Little Comics Vs. the Mummy. That part was great and we killed, my spot light work...not so much. I didn't have all the cues listed, so I missed a lot of points someone was working the audience, plus the screw holding the light in place started to slip a lot earlier than normal. With no place to rest the light easily, I was holding it in both hands most of the time and it slipped. I have a tiny burn on my arm again, but at least this time I caught the shutter so it's a little bitty V. I look like VivaVoom branded me!

Today will be pretty laid back, I hope. lonelydumptruck went to get bagles and I made some garlic cream cheese. I found a recipe for a pumpkin maple bacon cheesecake I want to try to make for a Halloween party tonight.

For those who need incentive to come, or can't make it:

And for those who will also start to hyperventilate over it:
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