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Flashing in Midtown

Friday night's opening show went really well. We sold out and a lot of board members were there, which rocked! Lori-O and Jay came (Jay just for act one) and then we went out for drinks with some of the cast after.

Saturday I celebrated the show being open by sending lonelydumptruck to the show while I went to a zombie event.

A guy in the UAA Dance Department set up a zombie outbreak for his birthday. They had a whole schedule for the day - a picnic in Town Square, playing disc on the Park Strip, going to the UAA library, a flash mob, dinner at Village Inn and going to the late show of Zombieland all in zombie garb. I made a whole batch of fake blood with a karo syrup base and then lonelydumptruckhelped gore me up with some brains and slime made from rice pudding and food coloring for my makeup. It was pretty damn cool. As soon as I walked into the class to learn the dance for the flash mob some guy who might as well be wearing a sign that read 'Hi, I LARP Brujah' started mocking my make-up job, but other than that it was a lot of fun.

We spent an hour learning Thriller at UAA, then the mob met for a performance in the Sears parking lot. During the class I was very successful at finding people to stand behind to disguise how miserable I am at dancing. At the event - not so much. I accidentally picked a spot behind a whole crowd of tiny Samoan girls. Luckily the cameras were nowhere near me so my suck didn't make it on the news.

I invited userinfoGeolinguist to come hang out after the flash mob with a promise that in a worst-case scenario he could spend Saturday night washing Karo syrup out of my hair. We got a rather damp pizza from Beartooth and watched The Muppets Take Manhattan before meeting lonelydumptruck at Zombieland.

The movie was good. Everything I heard said this was just the sort of movie to watch with a bunch of folks who'd been playing zombies all day. It was a little thin on plot, even for a zombie pic, but we had fun.

I slept in again today and did very little other than play games. lonelydumptruck said the shows last night and today were great. Saturday was probably the best one yet.
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