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I think I finally have the crud on the ropes, as opposed to the last week in which it has been the other way around. I called in sick on Wednesday, made it until 2 Thursday (which wasn't that impressive since I had doc visits from 9:30 until Noon) and didn't go in until Noon on Friday. I was feeling so bad I even canceled rehearsal on Thursday night and we broke out the new mandolin and fryer to make sweet potato fries instead.

Friday night we went to Bradley House where the $9 spinach salad just barely filled a small plate. I was pissed enough that I asked the waitress if she's accidentally brought me the side salad instead. She had the gall to try to sell me a SECOND $9 salad and, when I said 'Oh Zod no.' she 'got confused' and brought one anyway. I sent it back.

Saturday I slept in nice and late and then we went to an anniversary BBQ for our friends Carl and Michelle. Mike bought a table to the TBA fundraiser and invited us to come along. My shoulder has been bugging me a lot, so we left early and played some Left 4 Dead before going to drink with userinfoscooterpbakes and the actors he dresses in Lion King.

Today all I have accomplished is picking up some sheet music for Harvey and killing some zombies. I should be picking out shots for the publicity photos this week and writing my bio and director's notes, but I think I am going to put that off until after rehearsal. It should be a short one today since we're just blocking Veta into Act 3 and running it a few times. Wednesday we blocked Wilson into Act 3 and ran it a few times, so it should go smooth like butter. Veta has been sick with the crud too and I don't want to wear her out tonight since we running Acts all week.
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