Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

My Day

I got to work, set my purse down and started to get out my morning meds as I always do. One of my favorite co-workers came up to me, scratching his neck like he was Tyrone Biggums, and started asking me to hook him up. I gave him lip balm. As we continued to joke around in this vein I opened my Diet Coke, picked it up and turned the can around in my hand so I could take a drink.

Now, this is a maneuver I do everyday. Several times a day some would add. Today though - today the can slips out of my hands, splashes all over the reception desk in the process, lands on the desk and begins to foam all over the parts of our attendance-optional receptionist's desk calendar that didn't get ruined in the initial blast. My co-worker and I run for paper towels. He starts to tease me about spilling my drink and promptly knocks over his cup of tea on the files desk.

At this point the office's safety monitor suggested we both go home for wasting good drinks.
Tags: the warehouse of misfit toys

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